Joseph got to school early

Joseph was late for

Joseph fed his dog

Joseph did not feed his dog

I feed my dog.

Some times i don’t feed my dog.

I am early to school.

Some times I am
late forSchool

I take care of my iPad

Some times I drop
My iPad


text – to -self

a character   : Alinda, me

a setting       : by the lake, by the lake

an event      : fishing, walking by the lake



I can locate information directly from the text to answer questions

Look at the following brochure
Healthy Eating

Answer the following questions

What are the dietary Guidelines?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines provide up-to-date advice about the amount and kinds of foods that we need to eat for health and wellbeing. They are based onscientifificevidenceandresearch

2. On page 2 it talks about discretionary choices. What do you think discretionary means?

it has a lot of kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugars, added salt, or alcohol.

3. Encouraging healthy Food habits. Look at the suggestions given to encourage healthy food habits. Which one could you encourage your family to do at home? Explain why this is important.

Five fruit and veg a day.
3. Look at the Serves per day. How many serves per day should you have.
Vegetables and legumes/beans

4. What does it recommend you drink every day?

nutritious drinks/warter


I can use a graphic organiser to help organise my writing

All Children Should Learn how to cook at school

Do you agree or disagree

I can use strategies to spell unfamiliar words

Words to learn

Positive words (for) Negative words (against)

definitely atrocious

delighted disgusted

extremely dreadful

sensational horrible

recommend shocking


Can Do

Create a Mother’s Day card to give to your mum, or a card to give to someone who shows lots care.


Where I found the prediction
the rainy day adventure

— i think that it is a rainy day and there grandad gave them a box and it was covered in lovely decretive things and when they opened it they want to a lovely festival and had lots of fun.
— chapter 3
— the silly sisters
— I think that they do lots of pranks on people and animals
— changed into
— I think that some thing happens to one of the sisters 24/29 and the other sister must solve it on her own.30/32





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  1. Hi Elana,
    I really enjoyed reading your reflections on the responsibility video, and how you do and sometimes don’t show responsibility. Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Elana, I like the predictions you made. I hope that predicting before and while you read helped you focus and understand what you were reading. John.

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