l learnt that confermtion is like another baptism but you talk for your self.

but when you have you baptism the prist talks for you 

term 3 reflection

art show

at the art show i did lots of art (3) pieces. one of those pieces where a hole group piece. my uncle tom, grandma, mum and dad came to the art show with me and my sister Olivia.


pie night

at the pie night we had a pie each for dinner with a drink.

after dinner we had a play outside and went to lc3.



i learnt

1. hot and cold coulers

2. how to make heathy colarges

3. how to make diffrent things with air drying clay

i enjoyed

1. using clay

2. colouring hot and cold

my group worked well because they co-operated




week 3

i enjoyed……

working on my maths project

i learnt………

how to use diffrent ict programs

my goal for next week is………..

to get more work done




design and tecnology


this year i have done a design an tecnoligy projecket  i  designed a pencil case that held two smaller pencil cases and a ipad a ruler a calculateor a pare of sisers plays music will you work



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